Legal services

Legal support

Comprehensive legal assistance, professional legal support in legal transactions, legal aid and quick administration.

Legal representation

Legal representation in litigation and non-litigious procedures, as well as in cases when the presence of a lawyer is obligatory.

In corporate law cases, we grant to provide continuous company representation. We look after Registry Court cases and live up to all conditions required by the corporate law, such as attending general meetings, providing legal assistance, ensuring consultancy possibilities, creating professional records, providing all the legal documents needed for the notice of change, proceeding and representation at the Registry Court and at all other authorities.

Experience in corporate and civil law

This field of the profession is an especially important one for our firm; consequently, we possess significant experience related to the procedures of establishment, operation and representation of business associations and other non-governmental organizations. Besides, our experiences are also considerable in establishing non-profit business associations and regarding the operation of final-decision supervisory boards.

Public administration law

Our experiences in authority, municipal and state organ procedures are diverse and manifold. All the procedures connected to taxes, duties and permits of trade, environment protection, construction and place of business are categorized as public administration proceedings.

For your request, we are ready to represent you during basic administrative procedures as well as in occasionally needed legal remedy procedures. Our firm takes pride in fulfilling our responsibilities in public administration representation, public procurement consultancy and data protection to the highest standards. Further, we undertake submission of court petitions for review of public administration authority decisions and provide legal representation in public administration litigation cases, representation in public administration proceedings and legal assistance in official public administration cases. We grant quick, effective and professional service.

Making contracts with land lease

Due to practice of many years, we have gained outstanding practical knowledge in procedures connected to land lease. In many counties of Hungary, it was Birher Law Firm that prepared and made the land lease contracts and contracts of services.

Cooperative Law

We hold significant professional experience in the area of establishing cooperatives. Our office filled the role of the acting law firm many times when a new cooperative was formed; amongst others, we were acting law firm at the foundation of Hungary’s first employment cooperative, established with the participation of 730 civilians and one minority local government.

Real Estate Law

Birher Law Firm undertakes the full and comprehensive management of national or international real estate projects. During such projects, we proceed at sale and purchase contracts of real estates and in financing-related cases; we are also ready to look after the preparation of project-related contractor and subcontractor agreements. Besides complete projects, obviously we deal with the administration and management of smaller parts of projects as well. Our services are also at our clients’ disposal in house leasing contract procedures.

Public Procurement

Our office and our partner companies have participated in issuing invitations of numerous procurement, public procurement and tender procedures. Issuing the invitations-to-tender industry development at the National Waste Management Directorate should be highlighted. Other such activities we have been involved in include supporting the public procurement activities of Strigonium Ltd. and Tatabánya Training Centre, and executing public procurement and procurement procedures of several national operational programmes (KEOP-1.1.1, TÁMOP-2.1.3/B, DAOP-5.1.1/B).